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US POLL: Experts: Angelina Jolie's W Cover "Inspires" New Moms to Breast-Feed

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Thanks to her new W magazine cover, Angelina Jolie will inspire more new mothers to breast-feed, according to officials from various breast-feeding support organizations.

About 70 percent of American mothers breast-feed their newborns, but the rate falls dramatically after six months, Reuters reports.

Dr Shannon Fox, a psychotherapist with Momlogic.com, said, "If someone as popular, beautiful and together as Angelina is breast-feeding her children, it inspires other women to do so themselves."

The downside? "She is also an international sex symbol," Dr. Fox told Reuters. "So whether or not she says, 'This is a beautiful way of nurturing my baby,' every man who sees that photo will see those breasts as sexual."

The shot - taken by beau Brad Pitt - shows the actress, 33, smiling, while a tiny hand is just visible at bottom of the frame.

"Mothers of twins report it takes a lot of time, effort and physical energy to breast-feed. I think the picture is beautiful," La Leche League International spokeswoman Jane Krouse told Reuters.

Added Andi Silverman, author of Mama Knows Breast: "I think it is fabulous. Seeing a celebrity like Angelina Jolie breast-feed can be a role model to encourage women to make a choice that is wonderful for their baby."

"Breasts are used to sell all sorts of products," Silverman said, "so to see them used the way nature intended can only be a great thing."

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