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Kim Vs. MediaFAKEout

she's so pathetic. Some pictures in the post NSFW

The site MediaTakeOut (which I now call "MediaFakeOut") always posts inaccurate things, like I cheated on Dancing With The Stars and got kicked off... That's not even possible! But I get the gossip market is slow right now and they need to make up whatever stories they can!

Anyway, today they posted three-and-a-half-year-old pictures of Reggie in his junior year of college, right as he was getting drafted into the NFL! I didn't even know him then! But yet the website is claiming these pictures are recent and while I have been on Dancing he has been cheating! NOT TRUE!

People, he is in the middle of his NFL Season!!! I find it really pathetic people will sell old photos to get themselves attention and try to ruin a relationship! NOT HAPPENING HERE HONEY! This was never Reggie's girlfriend.

The reason I am shutting this rumor down instead of letting it go is because Reggie and I pride ourselves on our good trusting relationship and we will never let any of this untrue gossip get in the way of what we have! We are committed to each other and it's important for both mine and Reggie's fans to always hear the truth from us!

To be honest if I didn't know someone and saw pictures I would believe it all, too—not knowing the history, the details or the timeline. That's why I'm writing this blog, so you all don't believe what you read or see unless you get the facts from the source!

Ha ha—Isn't Reggie's Sprint Trio phone, the one he has in the pictures on MediaTakeOut.com sooo three years ago!? Thats because the pic was taken over three years ago! Now it's all about his iPhone! Proof, people! LOL!


These are the photos posted by MediaTakeOut recently claiming that Reggie is cheating on Kim. Kim says the pictures are from 3 years ago and that it's just a fan, and this girl was never Reggie's girlfriend (like that matters). I'm guessing the girl is AT LEAST a friend. Why is hse even reading mediatakeout.com lol people on ONTD don't even read that site. Also that phone doesn't look THAT old, and the Treo that came out in 2005 has an antenna and wasn't available in red until last year. And all the jewelry he's wearing is the same that he wears in recent pics with Kim.

annnnd more kim photos just cuz lol

Source 1
Source 2
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