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It's Time for Notable Quotables!

PEOPLE Photo Special -- The Week's 10 Best Celeb Quotes
Straight shooter Dolly Parton finds common ground with Sarah Palin, plus more from Halle Berry, Matt Damon and other stars...  

"Both small town girls . . . We both carry an AK-47."
Dolly Parton, pointing out what she has in common with Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, to Extra   

"What's up? I need some money."
30 Rock star Tracy Morgan, on what he's going to say to Oprah Winfrey when she guest stars on his show, at VH1's Hip Hop Honors

"Loves it."
Martin Sheen, borrowing one of Paris Hilton's catchphrases for a spoof video with the heiress, on   

"I dress like a 30-year-old woman."
– Sixteen-year-old Selena Gomez, on her sense of style, to TV Guide  

"It's like The Bourne Identity. I'm starting to learn the ways of the ninja."
Zac Efron, on how he's learned to escape the paparazzi, to PEOPLE

"Don't be an ass."
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, sharing the advice she gave to graduates during a commencement address, on Ellen  

"Being 42 and having just had a baby, I think I'll take it."
Halle Berry, on being named the sexiest woman alive by Esquire

"Keep that clapping going. My ego needs it right now."
Madonna, warming up the crowd at Madison Square Garden during the New York City stop of her Sticky & Sweet tour

"I knew I was in trouble when the old guy with the oxygen tank passed me."
The Bourne Identity star Matt Damon, joking about his recent appearance in a Miami marathon, to the Miami Herald   

"Look, don't even ask it. I will not be your vice president. I have to be on the top of the ticket."
Clint Eastwood, recalling what he told John McCain at a political event, to reporters at the Directors Guild of America

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