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Selenita wants to Rawk n Roll All Night

Selena Gomez is super busy right now promoting her debut album. However, the teen beauty does not want to go single and is going to be part of a band. Sel said the album will have pop and rock tunes, and she plans to play instruments on some of the tracks.

‘I want to make music that is basically of fun and that parent and kids can jump around and have a good time to share. I will be singing and I’m fast learning drums and electric guitars. I would like to try it and kind of switch it up. When I do the tour and stuff, I would like to do maybe a section on the piano or on guitar or on drums.’

Selena does not want to imitate anyone’s style: ‘The Jonas Brothers and people like Demi Lovato are special friends to me and I will not be doing or copy what they did.’

On her song ‘I’m Sorry’ that is rumored to be about boyfriend Nick Jonas: It’s about a boy I kind of fell for, but he couldn’t let his ex-girlfriend go, and it was really difficult. The song is basically me saying that I’m sorry that it didn’t work out or that she used to be who she was. But you have to let me in and you have to know that I’ll do everything I can to make you happy and be the best I can be.’

This will be the only ballad song in her album. I want the other stuff to be really fun. But that is probably going to be the most heartfelt one because it was the hardest time for me. That story actually happened to me.’

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