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Claire Brewster

Audrina Patridge: "I Got Picked On" in School!

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Audrina Patridge wasn't a hit with the girls in high school.

"I got picked on," the L.A. native, 23, tells Fox News. "Girls were always rude and catty to my sister and I. They will say anything to put you down and make themselves feel better."

Their beef with Patridge: She had guy friends.

"Girls didn't like it, so they would call me names and spread terrible rumors," she says. "You just have to hold your chin up and take it as a compliment that certain people dedicate that much time and effort to talk about you. I don't think I'll ever stop experiencing that. I have just gotten better at understanding and dealing with it."

In school, The Hills star says, "I I was committed to doing well. I took a few semesters of college with child psychology in mind, but eventually dropped out and moved to L.A. to pursue my dreams to model and act.

She says "people are always surprised" that she is on a hit reality show "because I was on the shy side when I was younger.

"People assume they know me from what they see in the media and on television: that I am just full of blank stares and another painted face in Hollywood, riding that 15 minutes of fame on a reality show," she says. "It's hard to be judged when the public is only seeing a teeny tiny bit of what I am all about. I love music, my family and my friends with everything I have, and I am very dedicated to my dreams."
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