Amy Allen (tabloidaddict) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Amy Allen

Paris Hilton fails as a DJ

Paris Hilton has annoyed Bryan Ferry with her DJing skills.

Paris, who took to the decks at London's new Jalouse club after model Daisy Lowe pulled out of her scheduled set, irritated the Roxy Music frontman with her mix of hardcore techno tracks.

Bryan, 63, became so angry with her record choices, he and his two sons Tara and Merlin moved as far away from the DJ booth as possible.

An onlooker said: "Bryan looked very suave. He was wearing a smart suit, Oxford blue shirt and a pullover. He arrived with Tara and Merlin after 11pm and they all went off to mingle.

"But then Paris got up on the decks and started playing really hardcore techno music. You could see the look of displeasure on Bryan's face and he quickly moved away from the DJ booth.

"He found his sons, took them to the other side of the club and they all seemed to have a really in-depth talk, probably trying to drown out Paris."

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