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Jason Statham Likes Musicals and Dancing - Who Knew?

Statham Hooked on Reality Dance Show

Movie hardman Jason Statham has shattered his tough guy image by confessing he is addicted to U.S. reality TV show So You Think You Can Dance?

The Snatch actor has built his image on his hard reputation, but admits that he likes nothing better than watching the dance competition.

He says, "I've been hooked on So You Think You Can Dance?"

And although Statham would never consider going on a reality show, he would like to dabble in dancing - because he enjoyed watching musicals when he was younger.

He adds, "(But) It would be nice to do a little tango or a little rock 'n' roll jive. I love all the great musicals - West Side Story, Singin' In The Rain. My mum and dad were fanatical about those. I've seen those films many times.

"On The Town, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Donald O' Connor, Cyd Charisse. Brilliant. Great music, great physical drama. I love all that, very expressive."

- http://www.imdb.com/news/ni0578763/

This post approved by Kickass Jason.

Well, whatever floats his boat. He's still hot as hell. Oh, and Jason Statham picspam is totally acceptable here IMO.
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