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Miley's Birthday Backstage...

My friend does makeup for celebs, here is her account of what happened at Miley's Celebration.


Gloria and I arrived at our location in Toontown, it was a big white tent in front of all the stars cars for their parade down mainstreet :) Well Arival I guess. We had two tables, mirriors, waters, mints ect. The Mangers were freakin awesome and waaaay helping us out!! We set up ALLLL of our stuff (pictures in my photo's)

The stars started to arrive, and we were freakin out because they were SOOO close to us! HAHA talk about star struck!!! Well the stage managers started to bring them in to get makeup and touchups... The first they brought in was Cameron Mathison from All my Children!! I LOOOVE HIM, also Dancing with the Stars... I totally gaazed at him and told him "Omg, you look great! You dont need anything" What a lame ass I should have worked on him... but really he had so much makeup on anymore would have been a crime! Next came the Disney stars... we did a lot of the kids that I had no clue who they were, and I felt SOOOO bad because sooo many kids would have died to meet them, and here I am having NO clue who they were. I remember a few of them... Demi Levato from Camp Rock... Kacey from Highschool musical, Zac and Cody, and some other kids from those movies but I cant recall their names...

The HIIIGHLIGHT of the night was getting to see Steve Carrell!!!! YES!!!! We didnt do his makeup, he didnt need any... just like Cameron! Anyhoo They brought in Billy Ray Cyrus (Miley's dad, DUH) and he was totally drunk... and he was not speaking english.. haha but he was halrious and giving us compliment after compliment! I did his makeup and Gloria did his hair, well flat irond it and it smelled horrible.

After that, I was doing another Disney girl and IN WALKED JENNI GARTH!!! OMG... and WHOOOOO COMES WITH JENNI GARTH??? HER HUSBAND PETER FACHINELLI!!! AKA CARLISLE CULLEN, FROM TWIIIIILIGHT!!! So I was wearing a twilight button, and the cute Disney girl started talking to me about twilight, WHEN THEY WERE THERE!! AHHHH so it was amazing, I wish could have talked to Peter Fachinelli about it, but it was getting closer to their car ride and she needed to fix her daughters hair.

So we were getting more sparse at this time and chatting with the Disney kids, WHO WERE AWESOME. We were getting all the 411 on who hates who and the drama-rama FOR SURE! Two of the boys from camp rock/highschool musical were talking crazy shit on Cody, the boy from Hanna Montana//Dancing with the stars. hahaha.. It was pretty funny. Another girl, an ADORIBLE black girl i think her name was Shakasha? oh man i dunno... she was HILARIOUS and she called me her new BFF. WHOA, I think I am 14 again! But I was totally excited!!!

Then Cody came, and I fixed his hair, and then he would re-fix it... then I would re-fix it (to make it high fashion toni&guy status) but he was used to a shag, so he couldnt handle his new *in style* haircut. hahaha, he was adorible.. then JULIANNE HOUGH from Dancing with the stars came in, and HOLY SHIT is she the most beautiful thing I have EVER SEEN! She was asking if her hat looked dumb, and I was like "GIRL, NO it doesnt!!!!" and she said "AHH thanks your sooo sweet" hahahaha, I was so excited to see her and powder her because she is Ryan's 1 celeb crush and IIIIIIIIIII did her! hHAHAHAHA.

After that we saw a few random celebs walking around... Cindy Crawford, Kobe Bryant, Baby Face, Vanessa Williams and Rick fox (who said excuse you to me becaues he needed to throw something away HAHAHA), Heather Locklier, Claudia Schiffer, Sela Ward... oh my, so many others I cant remember, if I do Ill update this!!!

Finally Miley came and sat on her car and took off with Mickey Mouse. At that point we were ready to go to Tom Sawyers Island to be there during her concert!

So, we get there and DAMN, they had some RIBS, Potatos, Rolls, all the FIXINS... and we didnt get any :(

We get there and lug all of our crap to the top of the island, where the stage is, ONLY TO DISCOVER, we are setting up in Miley Cyrus's FREAKING dressing room!!! WHOA, so we get all set up and then two people walk in, a CUTE blonde and a CUTE boy!!! We had no clue who they were... So anyhoo there is this band playing, Suburban Legend.. They were really good, and Miley comes BURSTING through the room in her amaaaazing Gold Dress and is totally dancing around the dressing room (well tent rather) and being a total Goof Ball... it was funny. She said HI and we conversated for a few and then she JUMPED on the boy and started TOTALLY making out with him.. it was really awkward for all of us!!! This is her *new* *20* year old boyfriend... Hi, she is 15... SICK!!! But they were ALLLLLL over eachother. Goodtimes.. we left because she was changing and we felt bad that we were in there... Anyhoo her personal makeup artist ended up using our stuff, and I was totally going to keep the sponge and sell it on ebay. HAHAHA.. I didnt.

So we had a CLEAR view of the stage, we got to watch her whole concert with her grandma and the the band, suburban legend... they are pretty damn cool guys... I got two of their cds WOOHOO. Anyhoo Tyra Banks was there also being her damn crazy self... so we got to see her too!

During the concert, I felt sooooo bad that I was backstage... I dont desearve that? Like, how FREAKIN cool is it, that I am sitting backstage at a Miley Cyrus concert? Honestly, I looked out at the 6,000 fans who paid $250 to come and watch her. and Im sitting next to her. It was insane. I honestly felt so bad for the girls I know would pay a million dollars to meet her and here Im watching her makeout with her 20 yr boyfriend. Crazy.

After, she came into the dressing room again and we said how good she did and it was awesome... Then she totally ate Gloria's oreos... BITCH. haha But we took her stuff too, some red bull, figi waters and nuts. haha...


source: my friend that worked this event
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