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Shige, fix that nasty ass hair.

Oricon Charts: NEWS gets their 12th consecutive number one

Singer-songwriter Mariya Takeuchi topped the album charts this week with her three-disc best collection "Expressions," which sold 305,000 copies. Takeuchi debuted 29 years and 11 months ago, which is a record among female artists for the longest career at the time of a #1 album. Yumi Matsutoya set the previous record seven years ago with a career of 29 years and 5 months.

Besides the British band Oasis at #2, the only new studio album in the top ten was Spontania's "MUSIC" at the #10 spot.

On the singles chart, boy band NEWS celebrated at #1 with their "Happy Birthday," pushing 201,000 copies. Nana Mizuki landed at #2 with her "Trickster," though it was far behind at 57,000 copies. Kiyoshi Hikawa entered the charts at #4, while the Kou Shibasaki and Masaharu Fukuyama collaboration KOH+ landed at #5.

BAReeeeeeeeeeN, the new unit formed from GReeeeeN and BACK-ON, saw their first single reach #7. Aqua Timez was right behind them at #8, and the solo comeback release by ASKA (of CHAGE and ASKA) rounded out the charts at #10.


NEWS as a group are boring as hell omg. This is the first time I'm witnessing even a boy band singing about birthdays.

As expected, Akanishi Sephiroth-sama concurs fully. He's also wondering what kind of fuckery Johnny's is up to with KAT-TUN. There better be a double A-side before the year's over. D:
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