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TV/Movie Filming Locations for 10/10/08

10.10.08 Filming Locations

Edge of Darkness is still filming at the Mount Sugarloaf State Park.

Demoted is filming in downtown Milford, MI.

Leverage will be filming at 1015 S Broadway in Los Angeles.

Dexter is filming around Roosevelt and Locust in Long Beach, CA.

Law & Order: SVU is in and around the vicinity of 6th Ave and Grand St in Manhattan (signs read between 10am until 1am).

Law and Order is filming around White St and Broadway in Manhattan.

Law and Order: CI is filming somewhere in the vicinity of E 50th and Lex in NYC (tipster wasn’t positive of cross street but in this general vicinity).

Gossip Girl is filming around Madison and E 71st in Manhattan.

30 Rock is filming around Hicks St and Orange in Brooklyn.

CSI: NY is filming around Main St and Water St in Brooklyn.

Fringe is filming around Prospect Park in Brooklyn (look for signs on Prospect Park Southwest).

Lipstick Jungle is filming around West St and Freeman in Brooklyn.

Not Another Not Another Movie will be filming at 729 E. Temple St in Los Angeles on 10/11 & 10/12.


I decided that, even though I am simultaneously watching House, refreshing the Emergency FFAP, and panicking because the room next door to mine has bed bugs, I thought it would be a good time to have an


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