billy crudup (likegunfire) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
billy crudup

Who won in the ratings last night?

1. Criminal Minds (15.896)
2. CSI:NY (15.855)
3. Bones (10.34)
4. New Adventures of Old Christine (7.638)
5. Gary Unmarried (7.426)
6. Private Practic (7.257)
7. Knight Rider (6.732)
8. Biggest Loser: Families (6.563)
9. Dirty Sexy Money (5.946)
10. Pushing Daisies (5.551)
11. Til Death (4.97 & 3.972)
12. Lipstick Jungle (4.759)
13. America’s Next Top Model (3.879)
14. 90210 (repeat; 1.863)

CBS swept the audience title along with both adult viewing demographics Wednesday night on the strength of Criminal Minds and CSI:NY. Fox was second down the line (tied with ABC in adults 18-34) as Bones continued to grow all its audience groups. And ABC’s Wednesday night line up drifted lower, looking even weaker than its premiere last week.

Bones audience grew 5% from last week and its adult demo ratings did similarly as it increased its margins of victory in all categories and buried the competition from 8-9. Knight Rider fell about 10% from last week. New Adventures of Old Christine increased its audience and gained a tenth in the 18-49 demo, but its 18-34 demo was still startlingly weak. Prognosis: Negative. Pushing Daisies got pushed down even further from its premiere losing 12% of its audience, but maintaining its 18-49 demo at what is a dismal level. America’s Next Top Model took only a tiny audience hit, maintained its 18-49 demo, and grew its 18-34 demo a tick.

Gary Unmarried grew its audience and added a tenth to its 18-49 demo. It may have a better chance of survival than Christine, but I wouldn’t make long term plans for either.

Starting at 9pm it was all CBS as Criminal Minds began the rout growing its audience to 15.896 million and increasing its 18-49 demo by a big 0.5 rating points. Under the onslaught Private Practice faded, losing 800,000 viewers and a disheartening 0.8 18-49 rating points, but still nipped Criminal Minds for the 18-34 demo in the hour. Til Death drifted a bit lower from last week, further into the “why do they keep that show around” range.

CSI:NY continued the CBS steamroller at 10pm gaining over a million viewers from last week and boosting its demo ratings by a tenth each. Dirty Sexy Money lost over a million viewers and a quarter of its 18-49 demo to complete the humbling night for ABC. Lipstick Jungle fell about a half million viewers but held its 18-49 demo steady in what is still “see ya” territory.


And here's the top 20 shows of last week:
1. Dancing With the Stars (18.88 million)
2. NCIS (17.47)
3. 60 Minutes (which included football overtime - 16.648)
4. Desperate Housewives (16.685)
5. Dancing With the Stars Results (15.491)
6. The Mentalist (15.484)
7. CSI: NY (14.878)
8. Criminal Minds (14.780)
9. CSI: Miami (14.345)
10. NBC Football (14.207)
11. Two and a Half Men (13.577)
12. Survivor (13.076)
13. House (12.978)
14. America's Got Talent (12.693)
15. Without a Trace (12.611)
16. Extreme Makeover Home Edition (11.832)
17. Cold Case (11.095)
18. Amazing Race (10.999)
19. Law & Order: SVU (10.391)
20. Brothers & Sisters (10.326)

I think pushing daisies might get cancelled soon :\
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