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Another Fender Bender for Britney Spears...

What timing! Just after it was announced by Britney Spears' attorney that she has rejected a final deal from prosecutors for driving without a license - she gets involved in an accident.

Fortunately enough, the "Gimme More" singer wasn't behind the wheel - as she was being driven by her bodyguard, who ran into a paparazzo's car as the pop princess headed to shop for new shades at a store called Wasteland in West Hollywood earlier today (October 8).


As previously reported by Gossip Girls, Ms Spears was offered the option of paying $150 and spending one year on probation for her misdemeanor DWOL charge, which would have helped her to avoid going to trial for the case.

The 26-year-old Spears’ attorney, J. Michael Flanagan, claimed that the “Womanizer” singer, who corrected the violation and obtained a valid California driver’s license, should only be charged a small $10 fine. Flanagan has also guaranteed to appeal any convictions that may result. The trial will begin on October 15th.


(Popularity bars on itunes!)

Womanzier is still at number one on the US Top Songs Chart.
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