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AnOtherMan Issue #7 (Autumn/Winter 2008): Viggo Mortensen by Richard Burbridge

The Old and the New
07 Oct 08 / General

Cover star Viggo Mortensen, dubbed as the “Nonconformist,” showcases his powerful yet austere character through Richard Burbridge photographs. Dave Calhoun’s words also capture those qualities with ease, all the while reminding us of Mortensen’s ability to dazzle audiences through modern, flawed portrayals of characters bearing the roughness of classic silver screen heroes. This ultimate convergence of time brings the issue full-circle thematically, completing the various journeys through history and settling us into the present, where we sit in satisfaction as we finish perusal of every page.

Also within the issue: Rick Owens narrates his life as a hair aficionado; The unwritten history of Semina Culture; Today’s top menswear designers give praise to their respective style icons; The architectural genius of Terunobu Fujimori; And much more.


dedicated to bienenkiste
Tags: fashion
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