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Audrina Patridge Is A Pathological Liar -- WTF Is This? LC's "Sex Tape" Remixed?

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OMG! Has Audrina Patridge found a new BFF in Ellen DeGeneres?

Apparently so, as the talk-show host inexplicably makes time for the Hills star on her program today to gossip about the rumors of a possible hookup between frenemy Lauren Conrad and Audrina's man, Justin Bobby. (L.C. herself has denied them.)

"After I found these rumors out, she chose to talk to me through the tabloids and not come directly to me or call me as a true friend," says Audrina. "Neither of them have really talked to me or made an effort, so I really don't know what to believe. I don't want to believe it."

"Can you stop doing the show?" asks Ellen, in her best concerned gal-pal voice. "Because it all sounds kind of messy and hurtful, right?"

"It is...[but] I'm a big part of the show so, you know, we're filming until December. And then after that, you know, we'll see," confides Audrina.

Hmmm. Can an appearance by L.C. on Oprah be far behind?



Ok, so let me get this straight,

1. Audrina Goes got Ted Casablanca to report this fake story.
2. Dumb Ted writes an article about it and later retracts.
3. Audrina is seen going to LC's house (please don't tell me they didn't talk about the rumor).
3. Audrina is not satisfied so she goes to Perez Hilton to report the Fake story.
4. Perez Hates LC so you know the fucker was giddy to report the fake story.
5. Audrina responds by writing some dumb block about the fake story.
6. LC reponds by writing a blog saying she didn't hook up with that dirty dude, Justin Bobby.
7. LC says Audrina asked her if she hooked up with Justin Bobby and she said she didn't.
8. Audrina is still not satisfied so she goes to Ellen and tells her Lauren hasn't contacted her, huh, WTF?
9. Audrina will be making her rounds on talk shows to promote the fake story just like Speidi LC sex tape tour.
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