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Pamela Anderson at war with Cate Blanchett

PETA supporter Pamela Anderson is at it again and this time she has Australian actress Cate Blanchett and her fashion designer friend Giorgio Armani in her sights.

The buxom blonde and PETA mouthpiece has sent an angry letter to Armani's best buddy Blanchett over the designer's use of fur in his clothing collections.

In the letter sent this week, the animal advocate wrote that while the Aussie actress was at Armani's shows and the launch of his new boutique in Milan, she was nearby in Lake Garda hosting a PETA benefit, which raised $50,000 for an upcoming campaign urging people to shun Armani until he makes good on his public promise to stop using fur.

"Cate, as you are such a huge part of Armani's publicity machine, would you please urge him to keep his promise and leave fur out of his future collections?" Anderson wrote.

The animal rights group claims that Armani's winter collection, going into stores now, includes fox and rabbit fur in some pieces.

PETA said the fur-filled collection comes a year after Armani told Time magazine that he "spoke with the people from PETA, and they showed me some materials that convinced me not to use fur."

An official response from the designer yesterday said the company planned to cease using fur other than rabbit fur in future collections.

"As a luxury fashion house, which has always been attentive to this issue, we feel we are being unfairly targeted in comparison to our competitors," the company said.


I find it rather funny that Pamela Anderson is basically demanding something of Cate Blanchett. That being said, I don't like the skinning of live bunnies. :(
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