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Tokyo Police Club to Guest on Desperate Housewives

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What do a fresh-faced Canadian power-pop foursome and the sexy sex-havin' sexpots of Wisteria Lane want with each other? More than you'd think, that's what!

Today and tomorrow (October 6 and 7), the boys of Tokyo Police Club are hitting the set of ABC's popular suburban satire "Desperate Housewives" to tape both a performance and a little hot Thespian action for a forthcoming episode.

It seems, through some wacky plot contrivance that probably involves lingerie, the men of "Desperate Housewives"-- played by James Denton, Doug Savant, Kyle MacLachlan, Ricardo Antonio Chavira, and Neal McDonough-- have formed a musical act. In an episode set to air sometime in November, their musical act will take all comers in a battle of the bands at a local club. Tokyo Police Club are indeed one of those bands that will be battling.

Get this: Not only will Tokyo Police Club perform in the episode, but will also take on speaking roles. And then get it on with Eva Longoria, as seems to be the case with anybody I ever see on that show. Nice work if you can get it.

In a bit of news that actually makes sense in a rational world, Tokyo Police Club are out on the road at the moment with Weezer.
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