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TV/Movie Filming Locations for 10/7/08

10.7.08 Filming Locations

Sorority Row is filming in Manhull, PA.

Edge of Darkness if filming in Northampton, MA.

Burn Notice is filming at Black Point Marina, Miami, FL.

Bone Deep is filming at 202 W. 1st St in Los Angeles. (They will be there through 10/10) They are also shooting at 111 E 1st St.

Prison Break is filming at Santa Fe Ave, Alameda St, Temple St, 7th St (INCLUSIVE GRID), on the open land under the 6th St Bridge from Santa Fe Ave - East to the LA River, & Decatur St. & 7th St in Los Angeles.

SVU is filming around Spring and Elizabeth in NYC, same area as yesterday.

Life on Mars is filming around E 4th St. between Ave A and B in NYC.

Fringe is filming at 573 16th St & around Coney Island Ave and Caton Pl in Brooklyn.

Law and Order is filming around E 119th and 1st Ave in Manhattan.


well, not all of them are filming in NY this time

and I still seriously need to make some new gifs but I'm sure someone will supply you all
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