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Moritz Care Bear - He knows, it's a bitch of living

BROADWAY CARES/EQUITY FIGHTS AIDS - the nation's leading industry based HIV/AIDS fundraising and grant-making organization.

Moritz, Spring Awakening (2007)

Like just about every adolescent who ever lived, Moritz Stiefel (of the seriously unruly hair) is no stranger to angst - particularly (like just about every adolescent who ever lived...) when trying to make sense of his sexually charged feelings and dreams. Leading his all-male classmates, singing of "The Bitch of Living," Moritz (originated by Tony-winning John Gallagher, Jr.) rocks out - and his his impeccably crafted bear-counterpart (armatured and free-standing) is prepared to do the same.

His 3-piece navy-blue wool school uniform consists of jacket, vest and knickers. The buttoned, lined jacket is tailored with two vents at the back, three pockets in front, and 1/4" navy trim on the sleeves and pockets; the lined vest buttons up as well and has faux pockets; and the button-fly knickers buckle and button just below the knees. Beneath the vest: a striped cotton dress-shirt; a navy, green, burgundy and gold striped tie; and striped, button-on suspenders. On his feet, black socks (one up, one down) and black, limited edition Converse high-tops; on his head - well, yes, that seriously unruly hair.

Most importantly, though, are his accessories: the slate, so critical to expressing himself in school, and that mic - so critical to expressing his inner thoughts. Though on stage Moritz met with a tragic end indeed, we feel certain "the wonder of purple summer" is in the stars for his most appealing bear double.

Original Designer: Susan Hilferty
Broadway Bear created by: Susan Bolt
With special thanks to: Ryan P. McWilliams (wig)
Signed by: John Gallagher, Jr., Tom Hulce and Duncan Sheik

Winning Bid: $3,400.00

Source and more Broadway Care Bears

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