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What do you mean, LaQueeta?

Thicke mentions Ribot

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In a recent interview for Vibe (Five minutes with…) Robin Thicke mentioned Rihanna’s name.
Read the passage below:

You play instruments, you sing live. What’s your reaction to the artists out there, who don’t sing live—who are more of a product?

They are entertainers. There are people who are about precision and entertainment; there are people who are about emoting and expressing. Sometimes they are people who do both, but I think there is room for everybody. I want to watch Rihanna sing her songs—I don’t care! [Laughs] I want to watch and I want to listen. She ain’t got to sound like Mary J. all the time. Who does? The point is as media and critics you want to say that shouldn’t be out there, but as fans you want more music, you want more options. As a fan, I should be promoting all music coming out so I get a choice of what I want to buy.

full interview
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