foreverxromance (foreverxromance) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Blind Items


1.Which boy-band member is going to shock his female fans when he comes out of the closet? Page Six

2. Which wife of a rock superstar has been punishing him for going to strip clubs without her? The spouse has spent about $30 million on a house they don't really need to get back at him for not including her in his adventures. Page Six

3. Before his big break, this black male celebrity contemplated on being a male escort or a male stripper to supplement his income, he settled for escort and serviced some of wealthiest women on the East Coast.

He updated his gigolo attire with the extra money. In the evenings, he was often draped in custom made Italian suits and expensive silk shirts and shoes.

One of the women he serviced was affiliated with the entertainment industry, she put him on!

He was able to quit his day job and his escort gig.

A lot of rich women were sad he removed himself from their elite circuit. They still speak of him fondly and reminisce on how he treated them special and made them feel young by showering them with attention. His lovemaking skills also received high marks.

He's had his share of women and he's broken a lot of hearts along the way. One ex-girlfriend swears he has a non-fatal sexual disease but she may be disgruntled because he dumped her and we've never heard this rumor from anyone else.

He's always on the make and a good looking woman doesn't stand a chance around him.

It's been reported, when he first got into the entertainment industry, he came with a "conquest" list and he has checked off every woman on that list.

Women continue to swoon over him and he's made good investments over the years.

Not only is he sexy but he's also rich. Panache Report

1. Jonathan Knight
2. idk
3. Terrence Howard
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