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UK Enjoys Living to the Left to the Left

How Annoying! Survey Results Revealed

GMTV’s Fiona Phillips has topped this year’s Lactofree Intolerance Survey as the most annoying celebrity in the UK. Followed closely by the credit crunch, tailgaters, cold callers and people looking over your shoulder, the survey highlights 3,000 Brits views of their gripes and niggles.

Top 100 most annoying things
1. Benefit scroungers
2. The credit crunch
3. Tailgaters
4. Cold callers
5. People reading over your shoulder
6. Gordon Brown
7. Fiona Phillips

8. Being bloated
9. Rising fuel prices
10. Falling house prices
11. The wet summer
12. Middle lane drivers
13. Constipation
14. Bossiness
15. Slow internet connections
16. Being put on hold
17. Pregnant women smoking
18. Somebody nicking your parking spot
19. Stepping in dog poo
20. Jehovah’s witnesses
21. Debt companies advertising on TV
22. Skinny people who complain they are fat
23. Queue jumpers
24. Bullying
25. Noisy neighbours
26. Nosey neighbours
27. People parking in disabled bays when they aren’t disabled
28. Junk mail
29. Snobs
30. Noisy eaters
31. Dog owners who don’t clean up after their dog
32. People putting our Olympic achievements down
33. Novelty ringtones
34. Automated phone systems
35. Chavs
36. People who walk slowly
37. People who take their kids to shops and let them run riot
38. Amy Winehouse
39. Sienna Miller’s love life

40. Rude shop staff
41. Wasps
42. Diarrhoea
43. Cristiano Ronaldo
44. People who have their mobile turned off when you really need to get hold of them
45. Dannii Minogue
46. Mosquitoes
47. Kids kicking the back of your chair on a plane
48. Hangovers
49. The hot water running out when you are running a bath
50. Buses not arriving on time
51. Heather Mills
52. James Blunt

53. Reformed smokers
54. People talking on their mobile on public transport
55. Headaches
56. The smoking ban
57. Toothache
58. Litter bugs
59. Spots
60. People who write ‘text back’ in texts
61. Scientology
62. Russell Brand
63. Screaming kids
64. Alistair Darling
65. Traffic wardens
66. Americans
67. Roadworks
68. Big Brother
69. Pete Doherty
70. Runny nose
71. PDAs (Public displays of affection)
72. Flat tyres
73. Ashley Cole
74. Tax returns
75. Finding out that you’ve run out of toilet paper when you really need the loo
76. Boasters
77. Not having change when you really need it
78. Carol Vorderman
79. Paper cuts
80. Stepping in chewing gum
81. Bad hair days
82. Charley Uchea off Big Brother
83. Mother-in-laws
84. Cashiers giving you your change on top of a receipt
85. Posh Spice
86. CDs that jump
87. Stubbing your toe
88. Getting something in your eye
89. Losing your glasses
90. Cat hair that sticks to your clothes
91. Children who cough in your face
92. Losing your passport
93. People ramming the back of your heels with trolleys
94. Rubbish opening times to doctors and dentists
95. Kate Garraway
96. Email spam
97. People using mobiles in the quiet carriage on the train
98. People who don’t remove their shoes in the house
99. Naomi Campbell
100. Troublesome printers

ONTD: Who would you have picked? Miley Cyrus for me.
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