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Leo on his virginity: "18? what? that's,that's crazy..I..I.had sex tons...*gulp* I was in Titanic."


Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed the truth behind his “Body of Lies” co-star Russell Crowe’s rumors that he was a virgin until age 18 to Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell.

Last October, Russell, who starred with Leo in 1995’s “The Quick and The Dead,” was quoted as saying that the then 18-year-old was a virgin when he first worked with him and would talk about it constantly.

“He has no idea what he’s talking about,” Leo said with a laugh, “That’s all I’m gonna say!”

When asked if he was going to let Russell off the hook about the comment, Leo said, “I am going to let this one slide.”

“You’re turning red,” Nancy pointed out to Leo.

“I know how to be deceptive in these interviews,” the actor said.

“Although, I get a little reaction because you’re turning bright red!” Nancy noted.

“Really?” Leo said, “Wow, I feel like I’m in a therapy session.”

Russell told Nancy he sticks by his story, saying that a few years after they worked together on “The Quick and The Dead,” he ran into Leo at a film premiere and the virginity subject came up again.

“He sort of hugged me and whispered in my ear, ‘I’m not a virgin anymore,’” Russell told Nancy with a laugh.


this boredom's got me all nostalgic, so now a very classic, timeless scene from "Romeo & Juliet"....uh,the claire danes one. (I literally used to watch this scene over and over)
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