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Oops… DVD Accidentally Shipped With Kristen Bell’s Privates Unblurred

Kristen Bell Nude Sex Scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Normally, when a high profile actress like Kristen Bell agrees to preform a sex scene that requires nudity in order to "maintain the integrity of the film" the movie's producers agree to blur out any accidental slips of her sacred privates that find their way on film. Which was the case in a special extended clip from Kristen's new comedy "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" found in the Extras section of the newly released DVD and Blue Ray discs. There was only one problem - the blur had mysteriously moved in certain stills from the sex-o-rama scene so instead of covering up Bell's famous assets it shaded an unimportant part of her arm... Oops.

The scene in question has become a favorite amongst movie watchers because it shows a naked Kristen Bell and a nude Mila Kunis (whose boobies were both blurred out in the theatrical release) engaging in a sex-competition measured by a back and forth battle of orgasm volumes. A scene which the cast called "Sex Wars" and Kristen thought "was a lot of fun trying to out do each other."

In a new extended version of that scene, which also features funny guy Jason Segel and MTV VMA host Russell Brand, producers added a few extra second of Kristen's fake-tastic orgasm. Unfortunitally in the added clip her bouncing breasts were not able to be seen all that well due to the scene's dark setting. However, thanks to the brilliance of 20th century PhotoShop technology we were able to brighten image stills taken from those few seconds and noticed that the pesky blur that covered KB's tatahs in the original scene had "mistakenly" moved a little, leaving the "Heroes" actress temporarily exposed.

Luckily, a wise Kristen had taken some extra precautions before she filmed the "Sex Wars" scene by covered her nipples with Hollywood's photo ruining "pasties". As she told MoviesOnline:

Kristen Bell: [Russell Brand and I] had a lot of sex scenes together and we didn’t really know each other that well but he was so comfortable to work with and quite protective actually.

MoviesOnline: Really? I couldn’t imagine that.

KRISTEN BELL: Nobody would.

MoviesOnline: He talks about his appendage throughout this interview.

KRISTEN BELL: Of course he does. That’s why I’m planning on outing and destroying his street cred because when we would do it, he would always make sure that I was tucked in like a burrito with the sheet when the cameras weren’t rolling. I am by no means an exhibitionist. I’m also not super modest. I grew up in the theater. So when I’m on set and it’s a job, if I’m wearing something skimpy, that’s the job. I’ve been lucky enough to work with wonderful crew members that create a very safe environment and nobody’s there to exploit you. But when you’re in pasties throughout the entire movie, you get comfortable with it. I don’t know how you do, but you do, and he would literally cover me up.

Then again to LastBroadcast,

How did you come up with the sexual aerobics in the film?

KB: We come up with those ourselves. We were shoved into a room about a week after knowing each other and were told to use our yoga expertise and we came up with 15 of the most awkward sexual positions possible.

RB: They did shove us as well. We didn’t want to go in that room! All we had to entertain us was sexual positions. Luckily our chemistry was good so we came up with some very elaborate whilst troubling for the back.

Was there anything they wouldn’t let you do for the film?

KB: There is one main purpose that you have to be fitting together. There is an A meets B kind of part and the pasties, which are stickers that cover the nipples during filming or in a strip club, I suppose.

RB: Everyone knows that.

KB: Pasties can also be those little tassel things.

RB: That’s a really unsexual word, isn’t it? “Oh, look at my pasties!” Don't let the practicality inform the language. I’d call them tweezlers.

KB: It was difficult because the positions had to meet in a certain section and a lot of body parts we couldn’t show.

Although the blur mishap may seem like a mere accident in the editing room, a similar "accidentally" leaked photo from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" that showed Mila Kunis completely topless found it's way onto the web last June. It was eventually concluded that the image was in fact a fake photo taken from the movie which was used for a humorous bathroom scene. However, it is still unknown as to why, and how it made it's way onto the net. Perhaps this latest blunder featuring Kristen's bells is just another attempt from Segel and the gang to give fans more of what they want...

[Original Screen Captured Images]

[Brightened Screen Captured Images]

[Extended DVD Sex Scene]

Original Scene

BONUS CLIP: Montage of Kristen Bell's hotness in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" including a scene where Kristen is seen COMPLETELY NAKED!

Do You Think Kristen's Blur Mishap in FSM Was Intentional or a Mistake?

Who Cares? We Got to See Kristen's Bells

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