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Ali Isn't Good Enough

Last week there was rumors that top music manager Johnny Wright was in contact with Dina and Ali Lohan in hopes to manage Ali's career.

Through a statement to PageSix, the music manager says this is completely false, he has never even spoken to the Lohan and doesn't plan to either.

The statement reads, "Johnny Wright would like to set the record straight regarding his involvement with Ali Lohan. Johnny Wright has never met with Ali Lohan, has never been introduced to Ali Lohan, nor has he had a meeting with Ali or Dina Lohan regarding Ali's music career."

It continues, "while he wishes Ali Lohan the best in all her endeavors, Mr. Wright has never had any intention of speaking with Ali Lohan regarding her career. Any story that has surfaced about such a meeting holds no merit and is completely false. Wright Entertainment Group has never had any interest or intention of adding Ali Lohan as an artist on the company's roster, which currently includes Justin Timberlake, Jonas Brothers, Janet Jackson and Ciara amongst others."

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