A sexy, fun bitch who just bought you a piñata! (loverly) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
A sexy, fun bitch who just bought you a piñata!

Hi, my name is Rain. I have my own kiln, and my dress is made out of wheat.

Lee Ryan and his fiancee Sammy Millar have announced that they are expecting a baby boy.

Lee, a former member of boy band Blue, and Sammy, a make-up and skincare consultant, told Hello! magazine how they met through the internet site MySpace.

Sammy told the magazine: "The extraordinary thing is that I was never a fan of Blue. I just happened to click onto Lee's MySpace site and wrote something stupid, like, 'May I pinch your bum?' I couldn't believe it when he actually replied."

Lee explained to Hello!: "I said something like 'Why not?' I was just messing around. Then I looked at her pictures and thought, 'she's rather cute,' and sent her my number.

"That was it, we just started talking. As soon as she came into my life I knew what I wanted - she was different from anyone I'd ever met.

"We were walking through Sainsbury's and I got down on one knee in the cheese aisle with a Haribo ring, took her hand in mine and asked her to marry me."

Speaking about the baby, Sammy told the mag: "We're having a boy, and we're so excited. All along we've been planning to call him Rain. Now I'm not sure."

And Lee added: "I still love the name. Rain Amethyst Ryan. It sounds great."


Rain says no.

How did your parents meet, ONTD? Mine is the classic introduced by mutual friends. Or so they told me.
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