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Mila Kunis in Ocean Drive Magazine

On the paparazzi:
"Makes me so angry. So many people care about your personal life over your talent. I don’t live to be famous. I don’t live to be recognized. I never want to be on the cover of Us Weekly. I truly am telling you: I despise this aspect. There used to be mystery, mystique about the lives of filmland folks, Now, there’s a war going on, and we’re still [asking], ‘What did Britney Spears have for breakfast?’"

On her relationship with Macaulay:
"We don’t talk about it to the press. We’ve been together going on seven years—because we don’t talk about it. It’s already more high profile than I want it to be."

On not being plastic:
"I have nothing fake about me. Not one single thing. I will never. I don’t have a boob job, I don’t have extensions, I don’t have fake lashes. Do I wish I had bigger tits and an ass? Absolutely! If it makes you feel better about yourself on the inside I see nothing wrong with it. But I am 100 percent happy with what God gave me.”

On the industry:
"At 19, I wanted nothing to do with this industry—hated every aspect of it. I was going to go to college. I wanted to be a teacher." [Kunis did attend classes at Loyola Marymount for a time] “I realized I enjoyed doing what I do, minus all the other bullshit that came along with it.

"I’m not ‘industry.’ I’m not gonna make an album. I’m not going to come out with a fuckin’ clothing line. It’s not who I am, and people are fully aware of it.”

On the best part about working on Max Payne:
“I got to put on leather pants every day and go in and kick some ass. I loved that I wasn’t the damsel in distress, that ‘poor-me’ girl who needs some guy to save her. There’s one scene in which [Mark Wahlberg’s character] gets wounded, and I run in with my MK5 and shoot the bad guy.”

You can read the full interview at the source.

omg she is mesmerizing
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