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Corey Haim looking hot as fuck

This evening marked the 6th Annual Eyegore Awards, along with the opening of Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, which will be ongoing through November 1st in Hollywood, CA (read more about it here). While rocking the red carpet with SpookyDan, we had the chance to chit-chat with Corey Haim, one of the stars of Warner Premiere's Lost Boys: The Tribe, who revealed huge plans for the third film, while also voicing his opinion of the sequel (pure gold).

“I've seen the whole movie LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE], I don’t like it, to be honest with you," Haim tells SpookyDan on the red carpet of the 6th annual Eyegore Awards."I don’t like it, I'm not gonna lie to you. I don’t like it as much as the first one," he continues, "There's HALLOWEEN 1 and 2 and then there’s 3 that has nothing to do with Michael Myers…. We went from LOST BOYS 1 to, let's say just like a neutralized, keep it hot and fresh LOST BOYS 2, and [now we'll] hopefully go for the LOST BOYS 3 thing, which is gonna happen.

"I've heard good things, very good things," he explains. "If it happens I should be starring in it because of the end of 2 [where he cameos]. Hopefully well have everyone back.“

As far as plot points, Haim reveals the film is planned to be a prequel and teased to us that certain someone might return (and we're not talking about actors).

“[The] direction [will be] more so like the first one…" adding on the side that it will possibly be a prequel. "As far as I heard, it will be thrown back into the proper genre it was when Joel [Schumacher] executed it.”

If only Haim could explain how he'll be a young kid again if they do a prequel. I'm guessing it'll be a "mix" between a sequel and a prequel? Either way, just give me the two Coreys again, PLEASE!

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