DJ Luqueeny (flying_delorean) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
DJ Luqueeny

Picutres from Ben Folds at Terminal 5 on Oct. 1st

Missy Higgins opened. She was adorable and Australian

Ben and Missy singing "You Don't Know Me" (she sounded better on the song than Regina, honestly)

Nobody likes the Keytar

Ben conducting as per usual during "Not the Same"

Singing "Cologne"

The fake Frown Song makes Ben frown

Ben consoled the chubbs keytar player, because he's just a nice guy

Yay! He's happy again!!!!

The setlist, which a roadie gave to me while they were breaking down

1. Way to Normal
2. Brainwascht (real)
3. Effington
4. You Don’t Know Me (w/ Missy Higgins)
5. Gone 6. Dr. Yang (real)
7. Cologne
8. Hiroshima
9. The Frown Song (real)
10. You to Thank
11. Free Coffee (real)
12. Free Coffee (fake)
13. Dr. Yang (fake)
14. Bitch Went Nuts (real)
15. Zak and Sara
16. Bitch Went Nuts (fake)
17. Fair
18. Still Fighting It
19. Kate
20. Underground (holy shit this was an AMAZING surprise
21. Landed
22. Not the Same
23. The Frown Song (fake) — my favorite performance, by far


24. One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces
25. Army

and for shits and giggles, when I met him back in 2004

Pardon my face, i was in shock and like 17 and gross

Source= My camera, who has a bike
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