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Michael Urie talks Amanda, Cliff, and NYC

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Ugly Betty had barely finished its move to New York when the cast was called back to LA for this Summer's TCA press tour. Luckily, Michael Urie, who plays the delightful and scheming Marc, was able to make the trip. At an ABC party, I pulled him aside to get some quick insights into Betty's third season, which airs its second episode tonight. Here are highlights:

How do you get along so well with Becki Newton? Did you know each other before?
We'd never met before. We must have known each other in another life — we just connected immediately.

The No. 1 thing I always hear about the show is, "I want more Marc and Amanda." So, are we going to get more Marc and Amanda?
There's a lot of Marc and Amanda. I don't think they'll go an episode without us being together anymore. That was hard — we had to go like three or four apart, and it was not easy.

Other than Amanda, do you have a favorite character to play off?
Other than Wilhelmina and Amanda and Betty, I love working with Christina. That's a great dichotomy, too. You can't put two characters on that show together and something interesting doesn't happen.

How's being back in New York?
It's like what we were always meant to be doing. I was working there [before Betty], I went to school there, and it was like seven years. I'm into the theater, the subway, the pizza . . . The authenticity is going to be really reborn. We shot the pilot there, and it was on the streets of New York — New York fashion, New York look. And then we went away!

Did you have to rebuild Mode?
Yes, and it didn't fit! They had to redesign.

Patricia Field is doing the costumes now. Have you been dressed by her yet?
She did the pilot as well, and it was so nice — she's great, she's amazing, she's so bizarre. The things that she chooses, you're really like, "That will never work." And then you put them on, and it works, for whatever reason. It's just bizarre and weird and odd and it works.

What's coming up for Marc and Cliff?
It's a great relationship. It's different from where you would expect Marc to go. I think there's lots of room for conflict in that relationship . . . It's definitely going to continue.

Do you have a dream for a potential Marc and Amanda adventure?
I want Amanda to audition for Xanadu on Broadway.

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