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PEACHES GELDOF has been branded a "monster" by her MTV bosses

It seems SIR BOB's bratty blonde has a stinking attitude to match her socialite reputation.

But then again, if your life was a whirlwind of freebies, parties, goody-bags, rock star boyfriends, quickie marriages and your birth name was Peaches Honeyblossom Michelle Charlotte Angel Vanessa Geldof... maybe you'd be a little obnoxious too.

MTV bosses have slammed the 19-year-old after collaborating with her on a new documentary in which she attempts to edit a magazine.

A senior executive was forced to heavily-edit the one-off programme after running the content by the production company’s co-founder - Bob Geldof.

But Heather Jones, MTV’s UK managing director for content and creativity, said no amount of editing could portray Peaches in a positive light.

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She said: “Bob founded Ten Alps (the production company) so he had a final say in the content. But she’s a monster!

"Everything that comes out of her mouth is horrendous and that will still show through.”

But before you start feeling sorry for PIXIE's big sis, she's hardly doing herself any favours after throwing a huge strop in Ireland last night.

She was due to DJ at the House of Fraser relaunch, but arrived an hour late, stayed for less than a minute and walked away in a huff.

One snapper said: "Peaches Geldof played with her wedding ring, sulked, refused to DJ and was very reluctant to pose."

Disappear Here airs on MTV on October 19


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