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'You're half lesbian?' Eamonn Holmes asked Salma Hayek and ends up looking like a fool

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Eamonn Holmes was left red-faced today after wrongly announcing Hollywood actress Salma Hayek was a lesbian on live television.
The 48-year-old presenter made the embarrassing gaffe while interviewing the Ugly Betty star on This Morning, which he hosts once a week with his partner Ruth Langsford.

The Belfast native was obviously struggling to understand Hayek's Mexican accent and thought she had 'come out' when he misheard her describing her Lebanese background.

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The Oscar-nominated actress, 42, was appearing on the ITV morning show to publicise her campaign to eradicate tetanus.
After introducing the film star, Holmes commented on her surname - which she inherited from her father Sami Hayek, who is Lebanese.
He said: 'Hayek doesn't sound very Mexican.'
As Hayek tried to explain that she was half Lebanese, Holmes put his foot in it when he asked: 'You're a lesbian?'

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Fortunately, she saw the funny side and smiled politely before learning foward and saying 'Lebanese' slowly enough for Holmes to understand.
A sheepish Holmes replied: 'Oh sorry, i thought you were half lesbian. Forgive me.'
Hayek has teamed up with UNICEF and Pampers for the international campaign to eradicate tetanus in mothers and babies over the next five years.
Hayek has been travelling in Europe since last month with her one-year-old baby girl Valentina.
Earlier this week, Hayek was spotted spending time with her ex-fiance and Valentina's father, Francois-Henri Pinault, who is based in Paris.

Daily Mail

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