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Nas and Kanye Love Kiwis!

And I don't mean the delicious fruit, though I'm sure they love those, too, because they are really quite tasty.

I'm talking about New Zealand! Nas and Kanye West have announced shows in Auckland and Wellington, on December 1st and 2nd, respectively.

Kanye West is fresh off his highly successful Glow in the Dark tour, while Nas recently headlined the awesomely awesome annual Rock the Bells festival. A recent connection between the two came when Kanye West used his blog to compare Soulja Boy's creativity and hidden meaning to that of Nas's Illmatic. As this is obviously a horribly mistaken claim, it is a interesting that it did not affect their relationship.

The general consensus is that Kanye and Nas are two of the best hip hop artists out right now, though Lil Jon fans may not agree. Either way, this concert is set to be orgasmic at the least.



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