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EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Joan Hart: Heather Mills Replaced Me on DWTS!

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Is a dance-off in store for Melissa Joan Hart and Heather Mills?

The actress, 32, suspects the brash Brit, 40, stole her spot on ABC's Dancing With the Stars.

Hart says she was originally offered to star on the show's first season but passed because she was pregnant.

When she expressed interest in the show's fifth season, "I was bumped for a lady," Hart says on The Bonnie Hunt Show, airing Friday.

"I am not going to mention her name ... a little British chippy," Hart adds. "I think she took my spot, I’m not sure, but I have a little beef with her."

That's not the only rejection Hart faced.

She says she was also turned down by Cesar Milan's National Geographic Channel show The Dog Whisperer because her dogs weren’t bad enough.

"'Ok... so the dog chewed his way through the screen of the window, broke into my house and pooped on the floor and that's not bad enough for ya?'"
Hart says.

During her interview, the former Sabrina the Teenage Witch star also voices her concerns about young Hollywood.

"These kids are like franchises right now," Hart says. "They are not just acting and singing. As soon as you have a TV show or a hit song, all of a sudden, you have to have a clothing line, a fragrance, you've to got put out a country album ... are you kidding me?

"I don’t know how they do it," she goes on. "No wonder they crash at the age of 23."


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