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Audrina Inks Deal With Divine Rights of Denim

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Following in the fashionable footsteps of her Hills co-stars, Audrina Patridge has inked a deal with Divine Rights of Denim not only to co-design a line, but be the face of it as well. Audrina has already proved that she is more of a jeans and T-shirt type of gal than her fashionista former roommate Lauren Conrad, and she already has a favorite pair from the brand — the skinny “Lust” style in black stretch. Unlike Lauren’s higher-priced line, Audrina’s denim collaboration will likely be more affordable — Divine Rights of Denim jeans normally start at $58. Audrina’s line and her ads will be coming out in November.


Edit:// E! Just posted this on their blog:

First, she moved out. Now, Audrina Patridge is moving up—by way of her first endorsement deal.

The Hills star and sometimes actress (is there a difference?) will become the new face of Divine Rights Denim, a source tells E! News. She will collaborate on jean designs as well.

According to Divine's director of sales, Angel Shoshan, Audrina apparently possesses what is known in the jeans world as a "real denim edgy friendliness" that the company wanted.

"She has that flavor to her," says Shoshan. "She can wear a wife beater and jeans, and she just looks comfortable and hot."

Also, FYI Audrina makes a reported $700,000 a season for The Hills.

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