The Star that lights up your night (starlight_wings) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
The Star that lights up your night

’Visual Karma’ official tracklist and artwork


1. Wacken 2007: Intro
2. To The Edge
3. Fragments Of Faith
4. Swamped
5. In Visible Light
6. Fragile
7. Closer
8. Senzafine
9. What I See
10. Enjoy The Silence
11. Heaven's A Lie
12. Our Truth
13. Loudpark 2007: Intro/To The Edge
14. Swamped
15. Closer
16. Within Me
17. Daylight Dancer
18. Our Truth
19. Our Truth (Promotional Video)
20. Enjoy The Silence (Promotional Video)
21. Closer (Promotional Video)
22. Within Me (Promotional Video)
23. The Band: Simple As Water
24. Inside Milan
25. The Leaning Journey Of Pizza
26. 7-Seven... Strings Life
27. The Real Thing
28. Enter The Drummer
29. Behind The Scenes: Australian Tour 2007
30. First Time In Japan
31. Making Of The Our Truth Video
32. Making Of The Closer Video
33. Fan Submissions (Lacuna Coil's Introductory Clip)
34. Empty Spiral Interview
35. To The Edge Remix Contest (Photogallery)
36. Inside The Spiral (Link)
37. Links

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