Elizabeth (alixyveth) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Guy pays for wrecked Aston Martin

Daniel Craig has revealed a fan paid £200,000 for an Aston Martin DBS wrecked during productions of the 22nd James Bond film "Quantum of Solace" - £70,000 more than a new model would have cost, reports the Daily Record.

The luxury supercar was written off in April when technician Fraser Dunn crashed it through iron railings and into Lake Garda in Italy.

Craig said: "I think somebody paid about £200,000 for this written off Aston Martin. It was a Bond aficionado."

The car was one of six Aston Martins Fraser used on the set of Quantum Of Solace, the 21st Bond film. It had been due to take part in a lakeside scene in which Craig roars away from the site of a fireball crash and a truck ends up in the water.

Craig added: "It was early morning. It was a winding road. It was wet and I think he just lost control.

"But who cares? Because he's fine and it's only a car.

"I saw him the other night and shook his hand."


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