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*autotune love*

Preview of Chris Brown and T-Painful's video for "Freeze"

i haven't heard the full song, but the snippets make me wanna get up and ~DANCE~

VMA winner Chris Brown is once again hard at work with his "Kiss Kiss" collaborator, T-Pain. The two recently teamed up for the video of Pain's new single "Freeze," from his Thr33 Ringz album, which is scheduled for release on November 11.

"This video is fun," Brown told MTV News on the set for the video. " 'Freeze' is one of those songs that kind of reminds me of the '80s, with the visual effects and everything. It's one of the records that me and Pain got to collaborate on, just like 'Kiss Kiss.' "

The video features a lot of dancing — something that is old news for Brown but a skill that T-Pain is willing to admit isn't his best performance quality. "Everybody in here is kicking my ass!" he said. "I'm probably the fattest person on camera. There's so many crumpers, and you got pop-and-lockers. I can't do a damn thing."

When probed further about dancing with Chris in the video, Pain wanted to let everyone know that although he isn't the best dancer in the world, he's still got skills that Brown doesn't.
"Chris don't bring nothing out in me. He's just trying to beat my ass, and I'm not gonna let that happen.
"Well, he beats me only when he gets a chance to dance," he hedged. "If we was battling, I wouldn't give him a chance to dance!"

Brown added that working with Pain on the shoot was a nonstop good time. "[We had] a lot of fun with it. It's no effort in it. It's just all fun and all charisma and all action."

Action is now becoming second nature for the 19-year-old superstar, who appears in
several forthcoming films. He is currently hard at work on his film project "Bone Deep," in which the pop star plays a gangster. "It's a big, big incredible cast. It's an action-packed movie," he said. "A lot of action going on. A lot of guns. It's a good movie. I would say you can bring the kids to see it 'cause it'll be PG-13."

In the film, he plays Jesse, a man who finds that his youthful effervescence lands him in some hot water. "I'm more of the guy who's more outgoing, loves the flashiness that kind of gets me into a little bit of trouble," he said.

Brown also is looking to work on a few other movies, which may include "Phenom," the basketball flick he's been attached to recently, as well as a movie that he'd like to write himself.

"Right now I'm looking at a lot more scripts. I'm looking at something with Jerry Bruckheimer — definitely want to do something with him.
"I'm working on this other script that I'm creating in my head," he added. "The 'Phenom' script is still out there, but I'm focusing on some other options too."
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