Aqualung says hello to the women and the men, remains random while doing so

hello men and women,

yesterday, i went to the US embassy in london and i wrote this on a small piece of paper:

"I'm just writing this in order to do something with my hands whilst i wait at the US embassy to have my visa interview. It's boring. I wish I'd brought a book. I nearly brought a book but i thought I'd get a paper and keep an eye on the end of the world but they don't sell papers here. Or magazines. So I'm just doing this. And now I've run out of space but

perhaps i could carry on on this side and that would give me more room. more to write. I must look impressively busy, like a guy with shit to do or perhaps an amazing idea for a book or a song or a film or an invention. or a cure for something. Sadly this is just a big nothing. Like a jar. Maybe i should try and think of something important to write about. maybe the FBI are watching me right now, waiting. Wondering what i Really Mean.....

In the queue outside the embassy was the singer from Keane*. There are always musicians at the US embassy. you can spot them - excitable young bands with great hair and 4 songs and a gruff tour manager, deadfaced professionals on their way to be angry in LA and"

then my number came up and i went and did it. that's all. just sharing....

*we had a little chat. i thought we should because we are connected. not only are we both ladyboys with ruddy cheeks but we have both been made to play john lennon's mellotron by jimmy iovine. which makes us brothers as far as i can see. i'm not sure he knew who i was. perhaps that's for the best.

So. Some Informations:

1.Words&Music by Aqualung (aka me) is coming out 7th October in the 'United' States.
It is available to preorder here!

2.It will be out in the 'United' Kingdom and various other bits of world early next year.

3.We're making a new website at's got a pair of scissors on it.

5.I'm going/coming to America next week and doing a small number of small shows for small people (click the links to get ticket info):

10/9 New York Joe’s Pub
10/10 Brooklyn Union Hall
10/12 Philadelphia World Café Live
10/13 Boston Café 939 at Berklee
10/14 Chicago Schubas
10/15 San Francisco Swedish American Hall
10/16 Hollywood

6.I haven't really performed for a year, so that will be fun and awful all at once.

7.i hope some of you can make it along. it will be nice to catch up.

8. i may ask you to choose the songs i sing at the shows, so if you're coming have a little think about what you'd like to hear. (nb. I specialise in Songs by Aqualung).

That's all i can think of, and my daughter just woke up, and they're cutting down a tree in my back garden, and someone else is installing a new boiler so really, i should go.

love to you,



Source is more than just the guy that sang this song:
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