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Kills tour bus and driver GONE MISSING

Allison posted this yesterday on their website.

Hi everyone....

I've got a lot of news from the road and i will fill you in soon, but first:


How can 3 tons of black metal vanish into thin air?

Im asking myself the same fucking question.

Anyone seen a black ziggys tour bus traveling somewhere between los angeles and austin texas?

Eyes peeled ladies and gents x a

Another article

Once again, it appears a band has fallen victim to theft on the road, but this time the group isn’t minus their gear but rather their entire tour bus and driver. According to a online posting by the Kills, the UK duo are now minus their bus and the man who drives it, and they have been for three days now.

The Kills reported that their method of transportation was last seen at Los Angeles International Airport a few days ago. The bus was supposed to meet up with the group in Austin, TX on Sunday (September 28) but neither it nor its driver showed up. Luckily, though, all the Kills’ gear wasn’t onboard and had been safely stashed away on another vehicle.

Obviously, the Kills are eager to figure out what happened and are urging anyone with any information about the vanishing act to contact them. The bus has the Tennessee licence plate 0305 EA, is described as black with grey stripes and with a big “Z” on the back. The missing driver’s name is Brian Berkenkemper.

If you have any information, you are urged to call Nick, the Kills guitar tech and stage manager, at 313-605-2505 or email or

How can three tons of black metal vanish into thin air? Like the Kills, we’re wondering the same thing.

Ah, the joys of touring: two hours of sleep a night amid constant bumps and chatter...flat Dr. Pepper and soggy Funyuns for breakfast, lunch, and dinner...wearing the same unwashed American Apparel tees with your band's logo day in and day out...your driver, your bus, and all of your belongings up and disappearing one afternoon. Wait, what? No, really. That's one exceedingly rare "joy" of touring UK duo the Kills just had the misfortune of experiencing.

A recent message from the band, relayed via Domino Records, tells all:

While on tour in the United States with the Raconteurs, our bus and driver have vanished. It is thought that the driver has commited grand theft auto or that he is in some kind of trouble. The bus and driver were last seen on the morning of the 26th of September at a Prevost dealership in Los Angeles. The driver got some new tires and was set to head to Austin, Texas to meet back up with us. His phone has been off since that afternoon.

Federal investigators and police are searching for the bus and driver through out the U.S. and Mexico. We are currently traveling to Nashville and have no luggage or belongings. But aside from this bad luck, touring with the Raconteurs has been great, so we're in good spirits. The magnitude of the loss hasn't quite sunk in to our shell shocked bones. If anyone has seen a black Prevost tour bus with Tennessee plates 0305 EA, call the police.

Grand theft auto! The Feds! Mexico! This is some heavy shit, guys; sure hope everyone's okay.

As mentioned, the Kills-- minus a few essentials-- continue their tour with the Raconteurs tonight in Nashville. All of the band's upcoming dates remain on for now.


09-30 Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium *
10-01 Atlanta, GA - The Tabernacle *
10-03 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
10-04 Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall of Williamsburg
10-18 Nice, France - Theatre Lino Ventura
10-19 Montpellier, France - Le Rockstore
10-21 Clermont, France - La Cooperative de Mai
10-22 Dijon, France - La Vapeur
10-23 Strasbourg, France - Zenith
10-24 Nancy, France - L'Autre Canal
10-25 Beauvais, France - Festival Picardie Mouv
10-27 Caen, France - Le Carg
10-28 Paris, France - Bataclan
11-03 Dublin, Ireland - Tripod
11-04 Glasgow, Scotland - Òran Mór
11-05 Newcastle, England - The Other Rooms
11-06 Middlesborough, England - Arena
11-08 Sheffield, England - Leadmill
11-09 Stoke-on-Trent, England - The Sugarmill
11-10 Nottingham, England - Rescue Rooms
11-14 Mannheim, Germany - Feuerwache
11-16 Coventry, England - Kasbah
11-17 Norwich, England - The Waterfront
11-19 Cambridge, England - The Junction
11-20 London, England - Astoria
11-21 Brighton, England - Concorde 2

* with the Raconteurs

More info @ Pitchfork
Kills site
Source 2

NTM: 3rd times the charm? Sorry (x100) for f-in it up so many times. I swear I previewed it and all was well.

This guy better hope he is dead or else he'll be going to jail for a long long time. All their luggage is missing too. They have really expensive clothes people.
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