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~tv ratings~

1. NCIS (17.24)
2. The Mentalist (15.27)
3. Dancing With the Stars (15.14)
4. Without a Trace (12.66)
4. House (12.66)
5. Law & Order: SVU (10.22)
6. Fringe (10.04)
7. Biggest Loser (6.72 - 7.77)
8. Opportunity Knocks (6.04)
9. 90210 (3.2)
10. Privileged (1.88)

Another night of mixed leadership with CBS winning the most overall viewers and FOX dominating in the youth demos. CBS came in a distant second to Fox in the critical 18-49 demographic and was behind both NBC and Fox among 18-34 year olds. Still, NCIS pulled big numbers (17.24 million) and The Mentalist continued its freshman success with 15.27 million.

House dominated the evening in terms of the youth demos, and Fringe won the demos for its hour and was second in demo performance only to House, though the House lead-in is definitely helping as Fringe slipped by about 800K viewers and more than 10% in the demos from the first half hour to the second.

NBC will be happy that it was second among 18-34 year olds and that Law & Order: SVU won the 10pm time slot in the youth demos, but lost in total viewers to Without a Trace. The numbers for Biggest Loser aren’t great, but they’re not awful either (even if 90210 did beat it among 18-34 year olds from 8p-9p) and probably in line with what the peacocks were expecting from it.

ABC had success with the Dancing With the Stars results show, but opportunity ain’t knocking for Opportunity Knocks at 8pm, and whatever People Magazine weight loss extravaganza ABC aired at 10pm didn’t pan out well either.

Over at the CW the good news is that 90210 was back up over the 3 million mark. The bad news is that Privileged remains under the two million mark. The critical numbers for CW here are the young women demos, which we won’t see until next week unless CW issues a press release today (update: the CW has issued a release). It seems like the clock must now be ticking for Privileged.


that's not good for Privileged :\

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