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Judging is the most fun they can have without taking their clothes off...

Because ONTD needs more Panic At The Disco...

MTV2 & Time Warner Cable hosted a Rock Battle for the best 5 bands from NYC to battle it out for a spot on the Rockband Live tour opening for Panic At The Disco, Dashboard Confessional, Plain White T's and the Cab. It took place Monday night, Sept 29th, at Webster Hall. Judging the bands were Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross from Panic, Chris Carrabba from Dashboard and I think the other judge worked for MTV2. The band who won was Lights Resolve, they were fantastic.

Ryan showed up first, Brendon was late which made his judging "unofficial" Although I'm pretty sure he still had a say.

I don't know about you, but I love it.

Thanks for making an appearance Brendon.

He was basically air-drumming the entire night.

Chris Carrabba, Ryan Ross, Brendon Urie.

Ryan basically just increased the numbers for each band.

I don't even know...

<3 These faces are why he's my favorite person in the world.

Ryan whispered something in Brendon's ear and then Brendon had a conniption for about 3 minutes. (Oh Lord, here comes the slash. Oh and... my red-eye kept messing up so ignore the black dots on their faces in some of these.)

Nice pit stain, bb.

Those passes around Ryan's neck were what they "crowned" the winners with... who btw was a band called Lights Resolve. They basically kicked all the other bands asses. Although, all the bands were good.

Nobody puts baby in a corner.

Chris Carrabba is looking at me.

I almost got that sign from a security guard and some girl snatched it.

How can you not love that face?

This just amuses me.

Deliberating to pick the winner.

Idk, I just like his jeans.

I kind of ODed on the pictures... Panic is my favorite band and I've seen them a few times but that's the first time I'd ever been that close to them. I ended up talking to Brendon from where he was sitting on the platform and he was a really nice guy, it made me :)

source: me, myself & i. the bike was away for the weekend.
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