Leo and Bar Break Up?

Be honest: Every now and then, when a celebrity you have a crush on reportedly ends a relationship, you have an inkling of joy because you falsely say to yourself "I have a shot again!" In the case of Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli, there's no shot at all of either of them being obtained, so don't even bother.

According to the New York Daily News, the impossibly attractive duo are on the rocks yet again. The paper reports that for the past two weeks, they've been partying separately with varying success. DiCaprio, who attracts women like light attracts moths, hasn't missed a step, but the Israeli supermodel Refaeli reportedly hasn't had such luck.

They have, however, been spotted in the same clubs recently. But does that mean they're back together?

"With these two, you never know, and they probably don't either," a pal told the Daily News.


I was too lazy to find a better picture. Honestly, IDGAF unless this happens IRL:

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