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please get over your selfs.

The teenage years I'm forced to take part of are supposed to be about "finding myself" and discovering what is right and what is wrong. How can i possibly go about doing such a thing if every move i make is under the scrutiny of the public eye. People making judgements about my literacy and sanity! I'm going to be under people's watch no matter what i do because i am the child of a legend. A legend's whose death is almost as infamous as his music. I'm trying so hard to grow up into a grounded and normal citizen, and so far i think that i have done a pretty good job. I'm not going to clubs and partying with paris hilton or lindsey lohan, even if the access to that sort of lifestyle is right in my grasp, i avoid it. I'm trying to establish my place in life and trying so hard to figure out what I'm supposed to mean to this world. A doctor, a musician, a tattoo artist. I mean, does it really matter at this point? I'm 16 years old, i shouldn't have to be faced with these type of decisions yet. Monica from Wisconsin or Joey from Mississippi don't have this type of pressure on them, so what makes me so different. If i wanted to, really and truly wanted to, i could be spending reckless money and doing shit loads of drugs. I'm not. i've never been close. I read college level books because i find that reality is so myopic and unmanageable. I get lost in my head because i don't have anywhere else to turn. I'm not a spoiled rich kid, I'm not a drug infused ingrate who wants to live off their parents money because they don't have the capability to do anything other wise. i'm mostly sane and i've got a clear picture as to what i want for myself in the future. And no one should be judging a kid who has yet to fuck up, or telling me I'm going to fuck up. It's unfortunate that my parents are addicts, it's unfortunate that I'm growing up in a time and a society where drugs and alcohol are a constant factor in everyday life, but I'm above that mindless imbecility. I have yet to really make an ass out of myself, and i have yet to prove those people who think i'm destined for failure right. I haven't done anything to fail at. I'm going to be ridiculed and hated for the rest of my life. For what motivation these people have, i will never be sure, but its a factor in life i am going to have to live with. i don't agree with it nor do i condone it but i will have to coincide with it. I have no other choice, do i?
xx Franny


POLITICAL THOUGHTS. IMPORTANT. (read the entire thing it’s worth it i swear)
Current mood: frustrated

Recently, my endeavor to become more politically aware has not only made me more conscious about what's going in this country, but i've become down right pissed off. I've come to the realization that few of America's citizens actually realize what's going on. Here, to name a few, a some particular problem that have been occupying my thoughts... (and in turn, why I support the Obama administration over the McCain camp)

-Corporations should NOT maintain the same rights as a human being (which they do legally at this point). Any entity with the legal obligation to create substantial profits for shareholders should not be entitled to the same legal (and ethical) rights as you or me.

-Special interest groups and lobbyists should not run DC. (there are about 68 lobbyists for every congressman/congresswoman-- that is absurd.)

-At least 93% percent of Americans under a Barack Obama government would either have a tax cut or would continue to pay the taxes they pay now. Under McCain, the middle class would bear more of the financial burden, and in turn, set us back further into the recession.

-Barack Obama cares about the people more than the corporations. He wants socialized health care, more social programs for the homeless and mentally ill, better education reform, and a continued extension of the New Deal.

-The blatant unconstitutionality of the federal reserve and the income tax (if you are not aware of what this is i Insist you google income tax, in fact i would say it's imperative)

-Outsourcing and insourcing jobs.

-Japan owns increasingly large shares of our government because they have bought up government bonds from our debt.

-All our country has to invest in is our economy, the health of our citizens, and the education of our citizens. We have systematically dismantled all of these things.

-We are 37th in worldwide health care even though we spend more per-capita(per-person) then any other country in the world.

-Studies of 24 first world countries have ranked us 18th in our educational system even though we spend more money.

-This is the first time there has ever been a drop in the economy during a war. For the first time in the last 30 years (at least), the canadian dollar is worth more then the american dollar.

-During this economic downturn, hundreds of thousands have lost their houses while the top 1 percent of Americans have only gotten richer. A CEO of a major corporation can buy his 10th yacht, while many middle class americans are losing their jobs, their homes and sources of income. The government isn't providing any respite for those unfortunate citizens.

-Institutionalized racism in our public schools. For instance, in the city of Los Angeles, many schools have less then 40% graduation rates... and all those schools are predominantly african american and Mexican. The white schools are not the ones who are losing opportunities or maintaing absurdly low graduation rates.


-Corporate fraud. The government is subsiding already wealthy companies and are privatizing natural recourses such as: oil, natural gas etc. That takes all the money away from the lower and middle classes and gives it to the rich.

-The free market in regards to major war profiteering companies is non existent. No free market exists within these corporate/government relationships.
Instead of utilizing the free market and having companies bid for the contract and hiring the company that can do it the best and the cheapest (how a free market should work) the government gives the contract to a company of their choice (disregarding how the free market is supposed to work) then has that company provide an estimated cost for that project including a 10 to 15% profit margin built in... giving that corporation huge incentives to bump the estimate. The government is ENCOURAGING THEFT.

I am a 16 year old girl and i have become morally and ethically inclined to be more involved in this countries well being. If you are not aware, become aware. This country is ours, so take part in it's history. If you don't vote and you can, your only increasing the chances of all these problems remaining and becoming more prominent.


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