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The Cure tell fans: 'Don't buy our music from iTunes'

Goth veterans also reveal new album tracklisting

The Cure have urged fans not to buy their 'Hypnagogic States' EP from iTunes.

Writing on his personal blog, singer Robert Smith accused iTunes of ripping off the band's fans by charging £7.99 for the EP, which contains five remixes of the veterans' first four singles from their new album.

"This is absurd," Smith wrote. "TMU [shorthand for 'The Men Upstairs'] have managed to fuck this up to another level."

He also posted an email he sent to the label, where he claimed the pricing was "totally fucking wrong".

"I fucking despair," he added.

The remixes have been contributed by the likes of My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way and Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump.

'Perfect Boy (Mix 13)', 'Sleep When I'm Dead (Mix 13)', 'Freakshow (Mix 13)' and 'The Only One (Mix 13)' are all currently in the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot Singles Sales in the US.

Smith also revealed on the blog that the tracklisting for the band's new album, '4:13 Dream', out on October 28, should be as follows:

'Underneath The Stars'
'The Only One'
'The Reasons Why'
'The Real Snow White'
'The Hungry Ghost'
'The Perfect Boy'
'This. Here And Now. With You'
'Sleep When I'm Dead'
'The Scream'
'It's Over'