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Kings of Leon Week 2 Videos and link to listen to entire new record

Every day the Kings of Leon post a new video on their site leading up to the release of their new record Only By The Night out on Sept 22 in the UK and Sept 23 in the US. These are the videos from the past week.

Day 8: About "TNT".

Let the record state I snuck two TNTs Collapse )

Day 9: He remembers when rock was young, me and Jesus had so much funCollapse )

Day 10: Matthews a packet of honey mustard away from his favorite day everCollapse )

Day 11: You're way better than the last chickCollapse )

Day 12: That fart listened to discoCollapse )

Day 13: You rent it you go, its like $19.99...Collapse )

Day 14: This beer will be drankCollapse )


Listen to Only By the Night Legally here

I am so excited they are finally going to be on SNL THIS WEEK PEOPLE. I was this close to flying out just for it but I am going to be at Treasure Island in SF. Oh, and someone make a gif outta the cuddling bit from day 12. Is Jared not the most hilarious person? /endrant
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