West Hollywood G&L Alliance are angered; don't get Little Britain


British comedy series Little Britain USA has sparked outrage in America - with a gay rights group calling the programme "offensive" and "obnoxious".

The sketch show, which stars David Walliams and Matt Lucas, is a spin-off based on the original U.K. series and reportedly features male full-frontal nudity as well as a series of lesbian and gay gags.

And the controversial content has angered officials at the West Hollywood Gay and Lesbian Alliance.

A spokesman for the organisation says, "This is the most politically incorrect, offensive and obnoxious material ever seen in this country."

A representative for U.S. TV network HBO, the channel that plans to screen the show from 28 September, claims officials will be taking note of any complaints about the material but insists that the series is about overcoming prejudices and leads the way in "edgy programming".


Is it just me or are GLTB rights groups consistently missing the point of everything?

Edit: It's a bit late now but this has been debunked here, thanks to the people who pointed that out to me. I didn't realise there were issues with some media trying to discredit GLTB organisations in general, which is pretty sick.