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Asshole just can't let it go...

Harry Potter 'Lexicon' case not over yet
2 Mich. men plan to file appeal to try to get book published

The two Michigan men who lost a lawsuit against Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. haven't given up on publishing a book version of the popular Harry Potter Lexicon Web site.

Roger Rapoport, a Muskegon publisher, and Steve Vander Ark, a Grand Rapids area librarian and author, expect their attorneys this week to file a notice of appeal preserving the men's right to continue the legal battle for their Harry Potter book.

U.S. District Judge Robert P. Patterson Jr. ruled Sept. 8 that the book violated Rowling's copyright and blocked its publication.

In a 60-page opinion, Patterson said the work quotes too directly from the Potter books and dwells too much on a pair of books written by Rowling to explain aspects of the wizarding world she created.

Rapoport and Vander Ark are considering whether they could edit the book to pass the judge's muster.

Rowling and Warner Bros. -- maker of the Harry Potter films and owner of intellectual property rights to the Potter books and movies -- sued Rapoport's RDR Books last year for copyright infringement.

Vander Ark was not named as a defendant but was a witness in the case. The trial was held in New York.

Vander Ark, who founded the Lexicon Web site more than a decade ago, said he would revise the book and remove offending passages.

"I've always been very much willing to work with" Rowling and Warner Bros. "and try to see what can be done," he said.

Representatives for Rowling, who testified at the trial, could not be reached for comment.

After Vander Ark founded the Web site, he gained international fame as one of the most diligent students of the seven Potter novels, which have sold millions of copies worldwide.

He spoke to adoring crowds of Potter fans at conventions around the globe.

He was respected as an authority on the details of the Potter canon, including the genealogies of the many characters, the uses of hundreds of curses and the characteristics of dozens of magical creatures featured in the books.

But since Rowling accused Vander Ark of stealing her creative work, legions of Potter fans have turned against him, he said.

Rapoport said the legal tangle has boosted business for his company.

"Obviously, it was not the outcome we had hoped for or wanted," Rapoport said.


He just needs to give this shit up, I mean, really.
It is NOT an opinion book, it's just regurgitating facts from the book with no new added information. At least JKR's book will have new, never before read information on the characters and all the money going to charity.
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