Rupert is stuck reading Twilight because of Rob

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Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is looking to gain some more independence by buying property in London. We recently spotted him checking out a house near Hyde Park right next door to actress Keira Knightley.

Despite the chilly weather, we got to chat with Rupert while he waited for some friends. Recent reports about this famous redhead stripping down for his upcoming film "Cherrybomb" had Rupert grinning, "No, actually it was really cool, even though that was a very intense kind of scary moment. I was nervous but everything came out great."

We quickly asked him how he spent his 20th birthday a few weeks ago? Beaming, Rupert mentioned spending time with family and friends and that he got a call from his pal Daniel Radcliffe early that morning with birthday wishes. "And Emma sent me a really cool drawing she did over the summer and also a silver chain that was sort of a joke between us." Interrupted by his phone ringing, Rupert quickly answered it as we waited around. After replying to the text message, we found out that Rupert recently lost a bet to actor Robert Pattinson, who was once part of the Harry Potter cast in a previous film, and insisted that Rupert read the bestselling book. Rupert is now "stuck reading 'Twilight'" and that Rob was just texting him to see how far along he was getting.

Rupert admitted he had only read the first five chapters of the bestselling book and we just informed him that there were three more books in the series. "No, really, are you serious? I thought there was just this one book?" Only now realizing he has to read three more, Rupert took his phone out and sent another message to Rob. By the looks of things, we can bet it wasn't a very pleasant message.

Laughing it off, Rupert made a quick exit with two friends down the street and slipped into a bar to finish his night off with some fun.

Rupert Grint will next be seen in the highly anticipated 6th installment, of the Harry Potter blockbuster series, "Half Blood Prince"will be in theaters July 2009.

LMAO at Rupert not knowing there were 3 more. Bless you lad.