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Gerard Butler likes women to make the first move

Gerard Butler likes women to make the first move.


The 'P.S. I Love You' actor insists it shouldn't always be up to men to reveal their feelings first and finds it sexy when women take the lead in a relationship.

He said: "I am for equal opportunities. Why should it be the guy's job to kiss? If a woman wants to kiss she should totally do that. I think it is awesome when women take the lead. I love that idea."

The 38-year-old actor, who is currently single, claims his profession makes having a relationship difficult and he worries he will never find true love.

When asked whether his lifestyle was conducive to being in a relationship, he said: "No, not really. I worry about that a little bit. It's like there's always a pay off, isn't there? You're busy, you're having a great time and then you stop and think, wait a minute, I'm not really giving any relationship a chance because I'm working so much."

However, Gerard insists his job does have its upsides - he gets to lock lips with beautiful Hollywood actresses.

He added to Britain's OK! magazine: "I've been lucky with my leading ladies. Hilary Swank has big, beautiful, kissable lips, so she was really great to kiss."

Gerard also says he would love to star alongside Angelina Jolie because she has "big great kissable lips".


Does me jumping him in public count as making the first move?

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