Sarah Looks Exquisite in Esquire

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The former Dallas Cheerleader has worked her way up from mediocre roles in shows like Dawson's Creek, Supernatural, and Alias to co-starring in NBC's new action drama "Life". Now the 28 year old actress Sarah Shahi, best known as the Mexican-American DJ Carmen de la Pica Morales in Showtime's lesbian drama The L Word, is being featured in Esquire Magazine's September 2008 issue.

Here's a small excerpt from the magazine:

She's really close with her mom, who -- even for child-beauty-pageant-obsessed Texas (yes, she entered Shahi in those, too) -- seemed to have unorthodox child-rearing principles. "When I was in seventh grade, I was already a C cup," Shahi says. (By tenth grade, by the way, she was a double D, though she's in much better shape now and back to a C. My journalistic skills were particularly sharp during this part of the interview.) When Shahi was in junior high, her mom, insisting she take pride in her body, would make her wear half shirts. "She wouldn't even buy me a bra, because she thought it would hinder my growth. I was like walking blue balls, because I had to dress sexy, but I couldn't date." This is how you wind up as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader during your first year at SMU

Alright Mom!!! She must have taken classes at the "Raising Britney Spears - School for Effective Parenting".

Did You Know?
Sarah speaks English, Farsi, and some Spanish, has a brown belt in karate, and enjoys going #2 - Esquire quotes Sarah: "Who doesn't like taking a big dump? I do."

"Who doesn't like taking a big dump? I do."